We offer precision abrasive waterjet cutting or rough cutting of virtually any material on earth without heating or warping your parts. In most cases grinding and secondary operations are not needed saving you time, man hours, and money.  

We can cut near net or final shapes, out of any material without creating a heat affected zone (HAZ). Standard tolerances are ± 0.010 inch for thickness up to two inches. Tighter tolerances of ± 0.005 or better can be achieved depending on the material and thickness. The edge quality can be controlled from an edge with slight waves visible to a smooth finish. Our Flow Waterjet is a 6' x 12' Integrated Flying Bridge table with the capacity to cut up to  7.5" thick. We have the Dynamic Waterjet cutting head which will cut parts without taper, corner kick out and other problems often experienced with traditional waterjets. Our 6.5' x 13' Flow XD Waterjet is capable of cutting parts that require bevels, with the capability to cut material up to 6" thick.

We offer HD Plasma and Oxy Fuel cutting on a 10.5ft x 21ft cutting area. 

Materials that can be cut include:

Steel (mild, stainless, tool, high alloy, hardened) 
Aluminum, Titanium, Brass, Copper, Bronze 
Inconel, Hastaloy, Tungsten, Invar, Zirconium 
Marble, Granite, Glass, Composites, Plastics, Rubber, and Foam.

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